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Software is built for users. My approach is to evangelize users, represent them, and make sure that all technical decisions (big and small) keep them in focus. Unless people can have a relationship with the software you build, all is for nothing. Ensure that your strategy is sound; doing so should start with extensive user research, interviews, analysis, and testing.

I may specialize in Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience, but I don't stop at user science and interface design. I have the expertise to transform designs, specs, and wireframes into functioning apps backed by solid test suites and best practices. My preferences are working with Ruby, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, and iOS development.

Along with UX and Development, I enjoy working with datasets and digging to uncover new trends and insights. Data analysis and visualization go hand in hand. It helps to have a resource that can do both; someone that knows what story to tell, and also knows how to tell it. I am well-versed in MapReduce and other “Big Data” techniques, as well as a variety of databases spanning from strict, relational schemas to non-structured and semi-structured NoSQL options. Not only can I maneuver through data analysis, but I am able to create information visualizations that are communicated to audiences with ease and beauty.

I build for users.

Ted O'Meara

Projects (GitHub)

GreenOnion is a testing library for the UI only. It alerts you when the appearance of a view has changed, let's you know the percentage of total change, and allows you to visualize the areas that have been changed. It fits right into your test suite, and is dependent on familiar tools like Capybara.
Inspired by this post at Goodfil.ms, heatRate is a simple jQuery plugin that can be used instead of typical 5-star ratings.
Boardspeak is an AAC application to help users with cognitive and physical disabilities communicate. Easy way to describe it is Image-to-Speech.
iOS App/Game for Mobile Stroke Rehabilitation


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Portfolio of client work may be displayed in a scheduled meeting.